What Causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome and How to Treat It [7 Part Free Video Series]



If you suffer from digestive health problems, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you're not alone. These days more and more people experience digestive health problems which are not only uncomfortable and unhealthy, but can also lead to other symptoms such as anxiety.

Exisle author, speaker and naturopath Benjamin Brown ND has created a 7 part video series designed to help you understand and treat irritable bowel syndrome. You'll discover what causes digestive problems like IBS, and what changes you can make to your diet, lifestyle and mindset to help overcome your symptoms.

This is a free training series based on Benjamin's book, The Digestive Health Solution, which is available as an eBook from Exisle Empowerment. Benjamin discusses the book briefly in the first video below, whilst the remaining instalments are focused primarily on sharing ideas and tips to improve your digestive health.

Here's the first video below which will help you understand what Irritable Bowel Syndrome really is, and set the context for the next 6 educational videos. Use the form below this video to subscribe to this series, and we'll email you each new video over the next 6 days.

Video 1/7: Understanding Digestive Problems and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Here's what's coming up in the next videos:

  • Video 2: How bad gut bacteria cause digestive symptoms (and what you can do about it)
  • Video 3: Boost your digestion: stomach acid & digestive enzymes
  • Video 4: Gluten, wheat, dairy and other problem foods
  • Video 5: Sugar, carbohydrates, FODMAP's and your gut bacteria
  • Video 6: Bad sleep can cause bad digestion
  • Video 7: Stress, digestive health and the gut-brain axis

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