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Inside "The Creative Seed" you'll gain a deeper level of understanding about how to infuse your life with creativity, and master practical strategies to overcome the fears and blocks that have been holding you back. If you've always wanted to write, paint or express yourself through art but never quite made it happen, this book could make the difference.

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About The Author

Lilian Wissink has over twenty years’ experience as a counselling psychologist. Assisting people to realise their potential by helping them to develop compassionate self-awareness and new skills is fundamental to her philosophy.

She has designed and delivered numerous self-development programs over the years. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Counselling Psychologists.

Lilian has experienced the joy and fascination of creativity in realms such as acting, singing, dance, photography and more recently, drawing and painting. She aspires to help others discover and nurture their unique creative gifts.

What People Are Saying...

A book that gently yet persuasively instils confidence in the capacity for creativity of all individuals is a rare find. The Creative Seed is such a find. The author takes readers on a satisfying journey from remembering the pleasures and facing up to the discouragements of our earliest experiences creating. Together we end up with manageable steps to move forward, enabling anyone to soon begin to enjoy the offerings of a commitment to creativity.
Associate Professor Linda Turner, Algoma University, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada
Lilian’s book has been written especially for me!! Because of the pressures of everyday life my creativity had been pushed well and truly onto the ‘back burner’. Lilian writes in a nurturing, sensitive and encouraging way... A wonderfully clear guide to letting go of the fear and having fun with one’s forgotten creative self.
Margaret Hadfield,
“Lilian writes from experience and a maturity which allows her to speak to a wide audience. In this way she is able to develop a broad-brush approach to creativity. This is extended through a series of exercises which can help to frame the individual’s imaginative path. They not only help to unravel blocks to personal inspiration but can be regarded as necessary building blocks which we all need in our endeavours towards wholeness of life.
Brian Connor AM, , Senior Lecturer, Joint Medical Program, University of New England, Armidale. NSW
The book is written for all ages and backgrounds, from secondary school students to those who are retired. In addition, the reader is able to develop insights and strategies in whatever genre of creativity they choose, for example writing, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, dancing and acting.

By reading the case studies, doing the self-help exercises and journaling as suggested, the reader will be able to unlock their own creative seed and allow it to grow.

Sue Dorland,

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ISBN 978 1 921966 25 5

Download The eBook Now - $4.99