The Chopping List - How to Live Longer with Professor Merlin Thomas

Does chocolate help you live longer, and could ladders be more dangerous as we think? To tackle questions like these, Professor Merlin Thomas, a professor at Monash University, has created a new weekly podcast series entitled "The Chopping List." In each episode, Professor Merlin looks at a new food, drink or habit, from eating chocolate to drinking wine, and answers one question: will this help you live longer, or shorten your life? 

Merlin Thomas is the author of the upcoming book, "The Longevity List - Myth Busting the Top Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life," which will be released this September. Already highly sought after by journalists and reviewers, The Longevity List is creating a buzz around the world, and forms the basis for "The Chopping List" podcast series.

The first two episodes have just been released, and you can listen to them below:

Episode One: Does Chocolate Help You Live Longer?

An ancient secret to longer life, or a shortcut to obesity and poor health? Chocolate is undeniably delicious, but it's health benefits are the source of hot debate. In the first episode of his new podcast, "The Chopping List" Professor Merlin Thomas tells the story of chocolate. Listen (free) here:

Episode Two: As Easy as Falling off a Ladder

Climbing up a ladder may be easy, but falling off is easier still! Did you know that men are more likely to fall off ladders than women? Expedient and necessary for all DIY warriors, ladders may be more deadly than we think. In episode two of "The Chopping List," Merlin helps you get to the bottom of this problem without falling down.

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