Stop Struggling Into Confidence - 5 Easy Tips to Build Your Self Esteem


Many of us struggle with low self-esteem and confidence.   Deep down, we often believe that we are fatally flawed and doomed to spend the rest of our lives feeling insecure and anxious.  Many of us also fear that learning to be a more confident or more assertive person will also come at a price – whether that is upsetting the people around us or having to force ourselves into uncomfortable situations or experiences.

The truth is that building confidence shouldn’t feel like a struggle or hard work. In actual fact, if you are finding yourself always feeling anxious about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, then you may just be taking the most difficult path to confidence.

Here are a few of my top tips to build up that confidence muscle - without the struggle:

  • Always set your mindset first.  Use soothing and encouraging self-talk to support yourself into feeling more confident before taking any type of action.
  • Acknowledge the fact that everyone suffers from a lack of confidence at some time in their life. You are not fatally flawed and broken. Just because you haven’t been confident in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t have a confident future.
  • See increasing your confidence as a step-by-step challenge. Don’t scare yourself by thinking that you have to become a confidence guru overnight. Enjoy the journey and allow yourself to have fun while you are learning new techniques.
  • Give yourself permission to get it wrong sometimes. 
  • Give up the need to be perfect. You are human, so perfection is never going to happen. Learn to encourage and soothe yourself instead.

In conclusion, you confidence may have been downtrodden and crushed over the years, but it is still a part of you which is very much alive!   By taking small steps and being gentle with yourself, you can learn to flow easily and without the struggle, into a more confident you.

Lisa Phillips is a confidence coach, author and speaker. Her new book "The Confidence Coach - Take Control of Your Life and Wellbeing" has just been released this month. Soon we'll be interviewing Lisa to find out her top tips for building confidence fast. The interview will be posted on the Exisle Empowerment blog; make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to know when it's live.

top photo credit: consumer confidence! via photopin (license)