Personal Power - Be Confident Being You

Confidence is often that one magic ingredient that separates the those who live big, amazing lives from those who live their lives based on fear or worry. Even if you've struggled with confidence in the past, in this book you'll discover that it's not too hard to change.

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This is a book for smart people who want to take control of how they feel. You'll get a scientific and simple understanding of how your mind responds to the things that happen in your life. With this knowledge you'll be able to make big practical changes to reduce your stress and increase your happiness and confidence.

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Mindfulness - How to Live in the Now:


Dr Stephen McKenzie and Dr Craig Hassed. If you’ve heard about the power of mindfulness and how it can help you get rid of stress and improve your health and wellbeing, then this is the eBook you’ve been waiting for. You’ll discover how to use and apply mindfulness to bring quick, profound improvements to practically every aspect of your life, starting now.

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Mindfulness-at-Work-Cover-72dpiDr Stephen McKenzie. By becoming the master of your own mind and managing your awareness you can rapidly make profound changes that will have a huge impact on your work life. Mindfulness can help you enjoy better relationships with your colleagues and your boss, make better decisions without the associated anxiety, become a leader and maximise your personal efficiency without stress.

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Replicat - 4 panel CD Digipack

"The Mindfulness Techniques
Audio Lesson - Designed to Accompany
Mindfulness for Life and Mindfulness
At Work"

Master the techniques of mindfulness to de-stress, live in the now and make better decisions. Listen as our authors Dr Stephen McKenzie and Dr Craig Hassed walk you step by step through these simple and easy mindfulness techniques which you can do in just minutes to instantly gain perspective, focus and calm. This audio guide is designed to go hand in hand with the "Mindfulness for Life" eBook.$29.99

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Get Motivated, Achieve You Goals and Get Your Life on Track


Still stuck? This book will help you get motivated now, and stay motivated. Written by an expert life coach, competitive dancer and mother of four, you’ll get Shelley's unique 5 step life plan and learn practical techniques to discover what you want and figure out how to get it starting nowIf you find yourself giving excuses and putting things off, waiting for that one special day when you can finally live that life that you want to live, then this is the eBook for you.

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Get rid of stress, stay healthy and live with passion and purpose. Dr Gail Ratcliffe's step by step strategy has been refined throughout 13 years of clinical experience to help you get on track and stay on track. Discover how to create in yourself the skills, attitudes and behaviours that will prevent stress both now and in the future. You'll  develop the expertise to achieve your goals create the life you personally desire, whatever form this may take.

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Be Free of Worry and Negative Emotion

Release-Your-Worries (1)

Yes, you can finally be free of worry and anxiety, even if you’ve battled with this your whole life. This course is a journey which will introduce you to the latest and most effective psychological tools and techniques for saying an emphatic “Goodbye” to the fears and worries that have been holding you back. The eBook guide will walk you through a bunch of effective techniques to worry less and relax more, and the audio component will guide you through a pleasant, relaxing process to help you integrate these techniques in your new, worry free life.

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Take advantage of innovations in the field of Energy Psychology to free yourself from negative emotions and the damage these can cause to your life. In Enjoy Emotional Freedom you’ll learn the simple ‘psychological acupressue’ tapping techniques you can use to correct your body’s energy meridians. By healing the disruption in your body's energy system, negative thoughts and emotions that may have previously caused you great suffering can lose their power over you, giving you freedom and balance.

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Practical Wisdom to be Smarter and Happier

GYU front cover 2011Sept_150dpi

The key to mastering your life's relationships is to first master yourself. Grow up in a positive and fulfilling way, and these changes will be reflected in the relationships that matter the most to you. In this eBook Jenny Brown will take you through each phase of your life and show you how to find the wisdom and maturity to be the best person that you can be. An enjoyable and fascinating read, "Growing Yourself Up" will help you nurture the relationships you value the most.

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After 25 years as a clinical psychologist, Chris Skellett MSc Clin. Psych was asked a question that changed his life. "Over all that time, what have you learned about people." Distilling an answer to this question lead Christ to write "The Power of the Second Question." This book will help you process the complexity of your life into simple "aha moments" which bring clarity and insight. Rather than letting the difficulties of life stress you out, "The Power of the Second Question" shows you how to create your own wisdom.

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Understand Happiness


Being happy doesn't need to be hard or complicated. Fiona Robards - a psychologist with four masters degrees - has broken it down into the simplest steps possible. First, decide what you want. Then, set about making it happen! This book will take you through both the internal and the external stages of being happy. You'll learn the right thinking that can help you live in the now, stress less, and enjoy being you and get practical tips of how to design and live in a life that is all about making you happy in a positive, meaningful way

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It's hard to strike that balance between pleasure and achievement. Most of us don't know how; we do something that makes us happy short term, like watching that TV show or eating that second piece of chocolate cake, and then feel guilty about it. On the other side of the spectrum you may also be letting yourself get stressed out about all the things you have to do, and focusing on achievement without giving yourself a chance to really enjoy life and have fun along the way. Here's how to find the sweet spot, and live a life that's rich in both fun and accomplishment.

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Unleash Your Creativity


Always wanted to write but never finished that novel? Always wanted to paint but never could finish that master piece? It’s not too late. With “The Creative Seed” you’ll gain a deeper level of understanding about how to infuse your life with creativity, and master practical strategies to overcome the fears and blocks that have been holding you back.

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