How to Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) To Heal Emotional Distress

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the simple process of tapping on acupressure points on the body as you focus on your issue or problem. This tapping is presumed to balance the body’s energy system and remove blockages in energy flow.

Most [...]

How to Create Positive Relationships With the People You Work With – 6 Mindfulness Tips

Create mindful working relationships with the people important for your career, and your work life will not only be easier and more pleasant, but you'll also be able to achieve more. Form positive, strong relationships with the people you work [...]

Mature Parenting to Raise Mature Children – Self Help Tips for Couples Raising Kids

Mature Parenting to Raise Mature Children - Self Help Tips for Couples Raising Kids

Children will have a smoother growing-up trajectory when they have parents who work together to focus on being principled individuals. In this article we'll share the essentials [...]

How To Remember Your Dreams

Ever wished you could vividly and easily remember your dreams? Here's a step by step process that will help you train yourself to remember your dreams clearly, so they no longer just slip away.

Recalling dreams is a complex process that [...]

How To Make And Use A Stress Diary

A great way to stop stress from getting the better of you and keep things in a more healthy perspective is to make and use a stress diary. This will help clear your head, and lift some of the weight [...]

How to Use Relaxation for Stress Relief – The Visualisation Technique

The relaxation response is the body’s own way of preventing over-stress and stress-related problems. It could be said that we have lost this natural response due to the demands we make on ourselves and others, demands that have become part [...]

The 7 Rules for Mindfulness at Work

Follow these 7 guidelines by Dr Stephen McKenzie to work mindfully so that your attention stays on only what matters. Using these rules for Mindfulness at work, you'll be able to get more done with less stress because your focus will [...]

The Essentials of Mindfulness – Interview with Dr Stephen McKenzie

Here's something to brighten your Monday:

Dr Stephen McKenzie, one of our most popular authors, has recorded a great interview on the essentials of mindfulness.

You'll get a clearer idea of what mindfulness is, and how to live more mindfully both at [...]

Self Acceptance – How to Be OK with Being You

You may have heard that self acceptance is the key to overcoming your problems and being happy in your own skin. The trouble is, we tend to resist accepting our problems and ‘the way we are’ because we believe that if [...]

“Grow Up!” – Getting On the Road to Adult Maturity in Your Relationships

‘Grow up!’ How many times have you heard this, said it or thought it in times of frustration about maturity in your relationships? Maybe it was said to you, or a brother or sister, by your parents. Perhaps you’ve said [...]

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