Stop Struggling Into Confidence – 5 Easy Tips to Build Your Self Esteem

Stop Struggling Into Confidence - 5 Easy Tips to Build Your Self Esteem

Many of us struggle with low self-esteem and confidence.   Deep down, we often believe that we are fatally flawed and doomed to spend the rest of our [...]

How to Deal With Unhelpful Thinking

How do we deal with our thinking when it is unhelpful? Once you are aware of these unhelpful thinking styles and how they are impacting on you in your day-to-day life, you can then begin to let them go or [...]

Spending Time with Yourself – How to Make the Most out of Solitude

There’s great value in taking a little time out from others and from hectic activity. Time alone may become part of a reflective process.

Being able to spend time with yourself and alone, just being with yourself, is loathed by some [...]

Infographic: 6 Mindfulness Tips to Build Better Working Relationships

When it comes to the workplace relationships are everything. If you have positive, mindful relationships with the people in your office then going to work will be less stressful, more fun and more productive.

A couple of months ago Dr. Stephen [...]

Three Simple Steps to Stop Negative Thoughts

Dr Gail Ratcliffe reveals her technique called "thought - stopping" a simple three step process you can do to stop negative thoughts and replace them with more positive self talk. This will help you think in more healthy, constructive ways, [...]

A Simple Motivation Tip to Help You Feel Energised and Empowered – Even at 6.30AM on a Monday Morning

This motivation tip is based on advice in Shelley Brunskill-Matson's new book - What Are You Waiting For - A Practical Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making It Happen Now. Click here to watch a free video with Shelley [...]

How To Find Your Purpose

What Gets You Up in the Morning, and What Do You Want to Change About the World? Follow these tips from Dr Cate Howell to help find your purpose and free yourself from the obstacles that may have been stopping you [...]

How to Carry Out an Effective Exercise Session in Three Simple Steps

To live a normal life without exercise in today’s world is, for most people, like running the water into your bath without ever pulling out the plug. Eventually it’s going to overflow. There is no way you can manage the [...]

How to Communicate Clearly and Confidently

How good are you at keeping calm when things heat up?

It can be difficult to hold our tongue when we’re upset or offended, but for the sake of our happiness, it’s important. Next time you are offended by something [...]

To Gain Wisdom About Your Life, Simply Reflect

The word ‘reflection’ means to look back, as if we are looking into a mirror or seeing our reflection in a pool of water. We are looking at ourselves as if from the outside. We are observing ourselves with a [...]

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