Anything we do to increase our mindfulness and the mindfulness of those with whom we work will help to create a more enjoyable workplace. Keep yourself in the right headspace, and you'll be able to have more fun at work because you'll no longer be held hostage to stress or negative emotions. That which used to bother you can become your ally. Help your colleagues become more mindful too, and the cycle of positivity will grow all by itself.

We don’t need to put mindfulness in our office’s drinking fountain or whisky bottle, although it might help things along enormously if we did. Mindfulness is naturally infectious in a good way, just as smiles are and humor is, so the best and easiest way to improve workplace enjoyment is to improve our enjoyment.

How to Use Mindfulness to Have More Fun at Work: 

  • Treat your next working day as an experiment in working enjoyably. Don’t worry about whether it works out or not; it’s just an experiment.Try smiling at people — even if they haven’t smiled at you first —even if you think you don’t like them or they don’t like you. If you’ve only packed three smiles then give them to the three people you think you like least!
  • Think less about your job and realize more — that work is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy life, with others and for others.
  • Give people stuff that you would like to be given — advice, attention, affection, directions, anything — and see what happens.
  • Don’t criticize, no matter what happens and no matter what you think happens.
  • Try sharing a joke rather than a complaint with a fellow worker. Carp and you carp alone; laugh and the whole world laughs with you — or at least at you!
  • Try asking yourself, ‘How can I better enjoy myself and help others to better enjoy themselves today?’ rather than, ‘How can I do more stuff today?’
  • Really believe in the value of your workplace and your fellow workers. Good and happy teams aren’t made up of people who think they should be in a better team.

There is, of course, a professional danger, or rather a potential working adventure, that might confront us when we attempt to contribute towards an increase in working enjoyment in creative ways such as by the strategic and also natural use of humor or camaraderie. We might fail! We might fail miserably and embarrassingly — at least on the surface.

Recognizing that we can’t control outcomes and that our life and work will be much more enjoyable if we can trust in our life’s deeper meaning, or humor, can help us to enjoy life on the wings of this moment. Working wisdom means knowing that we are just playing a part, that we are already a working whole.

Ultimately, all we need to do is our best and enjoy doing it, no matter what we are doing.

By Dr Stephen McKenzie, co author of Mindfulness For Life -  How to Apply the Power of Mindfulness to Improve Every Aspect of Your Life