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MindfulnesForLife_FrontCover_600pixUsing the techniques in "Mindfulness For Life" you'll be able to make profound changes to improve your health and develop yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Dr Stephen McKenzie and Dr Craig Hassed are leading experts in their field and will share with you not only the science behind mindfulness, but also the connection between modern science and ancient schools of thought like buddhism and taoism.

With the eBook version of this internationally recognised book, you can get instant access to this information and begin using mindfulness to improve your whole life starting right now.

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Heard of mindfulness? Monash University's Dr Craig Hassed, co author of "Mindfulness for Life" (Exisle Publishing), explains it's a form of meditation, where you connect your attention to the breath and let thoughts come and go for several minutes (10-60) As a faily practice is can increase your sense of wellbeing - best thing is anyone can do it.

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As well as a being a practical guide to mindfulness, this book actually provides the specific applications for many different conditions, like Depression, Addiction, Pain, Heart Disease, Weight Loss and many other issues. The end of each chapter has a box with pointers on what is helpful and not so helpful in integrating mindfulness into the particular situation.

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... easy to read and provides simple and practical ways of applying mindfulness to make positive lifestyle changes even under unfortunate circumstances

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About The Authors

Dr Stephen McKenzie has over twenty years of experience in researching and teaching a broad range of psychological areas. He has a unique ability to present potentially complex information in a warm, engaging and entertaining way. He is currently a lecturer and research fellow at Deakin University’s School of Psychology, where he is investigating mindfulness as a clinical treatment.

Dr Craig Hassed is an internationally recognised expert in mindfulness who has been instrumental in promoting mindfulness as a simple and accessible technique for enhancing wellness, preventing and managing illness, and improving performance within health, educational and corporate settings. He is the founding president of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association.

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