"Get More Done with Less Stress By Using These Simple Mindfulness Strategies"

  • Understand mindfulness and how to make it work for you
  • Use mindfulness to be less stressed at work
  • Improve your relationships with the people you work with
  • Master keys to mindful decision making
  • Discover the 7 secrets to effective leadership
  • Learn how to get more done with less worry

With the right thinking, your life at work can become a lot easier and a lot less stressful. Use mindfulness and you can boost your efficiency, make better decisions and become a leader for yourself and others.

Dr Stephen McKenzie, a researcher and clinician and the author of the bestselling "Mindfulness for Life," has created this practical book to give you a powerful antidote to the distractions and stresses of modern day work.

By becoming the master of your own mind and managing your awareness you can rapidly make profound changes that will have a huge impact on your life. Mindfulness can help you enjoy better relationships with your colleagues and your boss, make better decisions without the associated anxiety, become a leader and maximise your personal efficiency without stress.

At just $9.99 this eBook could be the wisest investment you've made in yourself and in your career.

Mindfulness For Work eBook - $9.99USD

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Extract; Hugh Jackman, Mindfulness Advocate

"Hugh Jackman is an internationally successful Australian actor who is now based in New York. He is also an extraordinarily ordinary person who practises mindfulness, and admits to it on talk shows. Hugh Jackman once gave a plug on Oprah for a simple formal mindfulness practice that he does regularly, and which simply consists of giving full awareness to each of our senses, starting with touch and ending with hearing. Hugh described this practice as being simple and natural, and resulting in an increased awareness — which results in him being a better actor and a better parent because he is more connected with his audience and his children."

Put Mindfulness to Work in Your Life with Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness For Work eBook - $9.99USD

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