Intuition - Unlock the Power
of Your Inner Mind

Your intuition can be a great source of wisdom and strength. In everyday life, however, you may have found yourself struggling to tap into your intuition and make the most out of its guidance. This book aims to change that, to make the insight and inspiration of your inner mind available to you whenever you need it.

Here's what's inside:

  • Part one: Understanding intuition. Find out what intuition is from the perspectives of psychology, philosophy, religion and spirituality.
  • Part two: How to use your intuition to make better decisions at work, in business, in health and when teaching.
  • Part three: How to tap into your intuition easily, everyday. Practical tips to make the most out of your intuition in everday life.
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About The Author

Dr Cate Howell

Dr Cate Howell is a medical practitioner, therapist, author and educator, with 30 years of experience in health. Dr Cate directs a multidisciplinary private practice focussing on therapy, mental health and wellbeing. Cate is a visiting Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, and has completed a PhD on preventing depression relapse.

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ISBN 978-1-921966-05-7

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