An affirmation is a powerful and empowering self-statement. It’s a positive statement that something is already happening and present in yourself and/or your life; for example, ‘I am creative’ or ‘I can do this.’ An affirmation is a potent antidote to unhelpful self-talk.

Sometimes people disregard using affirmations because they say they don’t believe them. This is a common reaction. Your conscious mind might not believe the affirmation for some time; however, an affirmation will register in your subconscious mind.

When you nourish your subconscious mind with helpful and encouraging messages and affirmations, subtle changes in yourself will occur that impact on how you feel and behave. In time your conscious mind will be more inclined to believe what you tell it.

How to Create Affirmations which Actually Work...

Follow these guidelines to craft powerful affirmations that you will respond to.

  • Phrase affirmations in the present tense. Not ‘I will be creative’ but ‘I am creative.’
  • Phrase affirmations in the most positive way that you can. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. Not ‘I won’t be self-critical’, but ‘I support and encourage my creativity.’
  • In general, the shorter and simpler the affirmation, the more effective it is.
  • Choose affirmations that feel right for you although, it is natural to feel some resistance to begin with.

How to Use Your Affirmations to Get Results...

Be creative with your affirmations - it's amazing how many ways there are to use this tool to focus your mind.

  • Repeat your affirmation or affirmations several times a day.
  • Repeat them when you wake up in the morning and say them to yourself before you go to sleep at night.
  • Write an affirmation on a card and place the card somewhere where you will see it frequently. Make several cards with different affirmations. You can use post-it notes and stick them up around the house!
  • Write affirmations on your computer. Have them as a screen saver.
  • Affirmations can be repeated out loud or thought silently to yourself.
  • One very powerful way to use affirmations is to say them while looking in the mirror.
  • Say them with conviction.
  • The affirmation is even more powerful when you picture yourself in the way the affirmation suggests.. 

Affirmation Examples You Can Begin Using To Enhance Your Creativity 

Use these examples to help get you started, and use the guidelines above to create your own affirmations based on your specific goals.

  • I allow myself to explore, play and create. 
  • I give myself permission to be creative. 
  • I nurture my creativity by ... 
  • I love to create. 
  • I am in touch with my creative energy. 
  • I deserve a rewarding, creative life. 
  • I have a constant flow of inspiring ideas. 
  • I am finding new ways. 
  • I take in interesting ideas that stimulate me. 
  • I’ve got what it takes.

Affirmations can also be short encouraging statements like, ‘Let’s do it’, ‘Keep going’, ‘Get into it’ or ‘Do it now.’ These short, sharp boosts can move you forward if you are feeling reluctant or lack faith in yourself.

If you encounter a lot of internal resistance to your affirmations and your Inner Critic interferes in your attempts to be positive, take this next step. Write down the affirmation on one side of a page in your journal and on the other side list all the negative responses from your Inner Critic.

Get them out of your system. See what the Inner Critic is all about and evaluate how unhelpful and untrue the Inner Critic is.

Lilian Wissink has over twenty years’ experience as a counselling psychologist. Assisting people to realise their potential by helping them to develop compassionate self-awareness and new skills is fundamental to her philosophy. She is the author of The Creative Seed - How to Enhance Your Life Through Creativity.