How to Build Confidence - Interview with Lisa Phillips

Lisa Phillips has over 10 years experience helping thousands of people build confidence and live big, extraordinary lives. To celebrate the release of her new book - The Confidence Coach - I interviewed Lisa for our Exisle Empowerment blog. She shares some great tips, such as

  • The big mistake that most people make with affirmations (which actually reduces their confidence) and how to do affirmations right
  • How to build confidence at work to be more successful in your career
  • How to be more confident in your relationships
  • Why conventional confidence wisdom about fear is wrong, and the one essential thing you need to do before you start doing what scares you

Watch the video below:

Prefer to listen on your computer or iPhone? Download the audio MP3 here: Lisa Phillips Interview

Lisa Phillips new book "The Confidence Coach" has just been released. Claim your copy now and enjoy the rewarding journey of building a new, more confident you. Click Here.

All the best,
Nathan from Exisle Empowerment


Sorry about the lighting in the video! I'm in Europe and Lisa is in Australia, so it's a bit tricky, but we're working on it 🙂