Just a couple of months have passed since we launched Exisle Empowerment, but already things have gotten onto a role.

People have been reading the blog from all over the world, and a couple of thousand folks have already visited the site, with many joining us as Exisle Empowerment Members. (Just use the form to your right if you want to join them)

We're really excited by this as it brings us closer to our goal of sharing the best self development strategies with people from around the world, and helping people like you live a life of passion and fulfilment.

It's now that time of year where people close their emails account and cast a weary eye out the window for encroaching relatives.

We know you have other things on your mind, so we're going to leave you be for a couple of weeks.

As soon as the New Year kicks off however, make sure you get yourself right back to the blog at ExisleEmpowerment.com

We've got some great tools to share with you on how to get motivated for the New Year and achieve your goals in 2015.

To help you with this we'll be launching our first eBook in January - "What Are You Waiting. For a Practical Guide to Knowing What You Want and Making it Happen Now" by Shelley Brunskill-Matson.

Shelley and I have recorded a video interview in which Shelley gives away some of her step by step strategies and insights for achieving your goals, overcoming your fears, and motivating yourself to live with passion. This video will be one of the first things we'll share with you in the New Year.

In the mean time, Shelley has already contributed a bunch of great articles to the blog, which you can read here:

Are You Passive or Proactive?

7 Ways to Identify Your Passions

How to Achieve Your Goals Despite Your Fear

Check these out to get yourself on the right track to making 2015 the best that it can be.

Have a fantastic Christmas, a great holiday and a wonderful New Year, and we'll see you back on the blog very soon.

All the best,
Nathan James Thomas
Exisle Empowerment Editor


If you're not already an Exisle Empowerment member, sign up here to get a free gift from Shelley Brunskill-Matson, and we'll let you know as soon as there are more resources ready for you on the blog.