Video: Essential Study Tips from a Mindfulness Expert

Study Tips

Monash University, Australia

Is your child feeling the academic strain at high school or college?

Exisle author and mindfulness expert Dr. Stephen McKenzie created a video with some effective study tips which has just won a National Video Award in Australia.

It will help you and your loved ones study smarter, not just harder, by applying mindfulness techniques to make it easier to learn and focus.

Here's Stephen's introduction to the video:

A short video created for students on the new Graduate Diploma in Psychology Advanced (GDPA) online course was the winner of best video in the category of Education and Training, in the 2015 Australian Video Producer's Association Awards. The video content includes study tips and a mindfulness exercise to help students manage their stress and enable focus.  

The study skills and the mindfulness exercise were written and narrated in the video by Dr Stephen McKenzie, Monash University Psychology Lecturer and Research Convenor for the online Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced course, as well as author of several books on mindfulness and statistics, and more recently 'Heartfulness'. The video was produced by Creativa, led by Mr Miguel Donnenfeld, and features Monash students in the gardens of the Clayton campus.

Watch it here:

Stephen's latest book, Heartfulness, is about putting the heart back into mindfulness so it becomes not merely a technique, but a whole way of living. You can order your copy here.

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Nathan Thomas
Exisle Empowerment Editor