‘Emotional freedom’ means to have the power to be yourself and to live your life without being restricted by other forces. In the emotional sense, it means the capacity to enjoy your life without being dragged down by toxic or negative emotions.

There are however some elements that are more of barriers towards achieving this emotional freedom:


The most common blocking emotion people experience is fear, which is holding many people back from living the life of their dreams. In this book you will learn some simple techniques that you can use to overcome fear and move forward on your positive life goals.


This is another quite common emotional block, usually fuelled by hurt feelings towards others and the way they treat us. When people ‘do their thing’ (i.e. do something hurtful or unjust) and you have to react in a certain way, by either getting upset or angry, then you are not emotionally free in that situation.

However, if you are able to re-channel your emotional reactions and negotiate from a position of calmness and clarity, we would say that you are emotionally free in that situation.

Negative emotions are natural and normal; they are meant to arise, move through your system (and be processed), and ultimately leave you, hopefully making you wiser as a result. Often, however, they disrupt our system on their way through, even becoming ‘stuck’ somehow, and cause primitive and, sometimes, inappropriate reactions and outbursts.

Some negative emotions such as hurt, grief and feelings of loss and loneliness are inevitable in life. However, this is incompatible with simultaneously feeling cheerful, joyful or having feelings of well-being— your natural state. You are, in effect, bound by the negative emotions.

So freedom means being able to stay calm; to avoid being ‘hooked’ by fear or worry; to act thoughtfully even if you have feelings of doubt in a situation; to recover quickly from legitimate upset; and to be able to enjoy life, despite its challenging conditions.

By Steve Wells M. Psych and Dr David Lake, author of “Enjoy Emotional Freedom”