The Digestive Health Solution
"Your personalized five-step plan
for inside–out digestive wellness"

More and more people are suffering from digestive problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As well as being uncomfortable, these problems can also cause more symptoms like anxiety. Fortunately, the solution can be simpler and easier than you may have thought.

In this comprehensive and accessible book, expert naturopath Benjamin Brown explains how to make simple changes to your diet, lifestyle, beliefs and mindset to help overcome your digestive problems, and feel healthy both inside and outside.

If you're one of the one in four people who suffer from digestive health problems, this eBook could be the answer that you have been searching for.

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Digestive Health Advice from The Author

About The Author

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Benjamin Brown is a brilliant young Australian naturopath resident in the UK, a vivid writer and an in-demand speaker. He teaches nutritional medicine and contributes regularly to industry magazines and scientific journals.

In the digestive health area Ben is ‘the man’. Ben is on boards at the UK College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) and lectures at more top places in the world than you can shake a stick at. He specializes in plain English solutions that come from science.

Reviews, Media and Testimonials:

Nexus: “With many research studies to back up his advice, Dr Brown promotes tried-and-tested solutions for transforming ill-health into wellness” [Full Review]

Metagenics Update: “The information is presented in an accessible way, allowing patients to take away strategies  that they can apply to their daily life…also a valuable resource for the Practitioner” [Full Review]

Wellbeing Magazine: “heavily researched, yet easy to digest…offering a five-step plan with natural medicines and evidenced-based treatments to transform your gut and overall wellbeing” [Full Review]

Optimum Health Magazine: “explore the mind-body connection, food intolerances, and the keys to a healthy digestive system” [Full Review]

Grassroots: "This book uses the latest research to discuss IBS, food intolerances and gluten sensitivity” [Full Review]

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