Episode Three: Gluten, misunderstood or worthy of a spot on The Chopping List?

Gluten rightfully or wrongfully is now viewed as dietary villain in the same vein as cholesterol, salt and saturated fat. While it's necessary for celiacs to avoid gluten, should the rest of the world be giving up on bread, beer and other gluten products that have become a staple in our lives? In this weeks' episode Professor Merlin Thomas sizes up Gluten on 'The Chopping List'.

Merlin Thomas is the author of the upcoming book, "The Longevity List - Myth Busting the Top Ways to Live a Long and Healthy Life," which will be released this September. Already highly sought after by journalists and reviewers, The Longevity List is creating a buzz around the world, and forms the basis for "The Chopping List" podcast series.

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