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The alarm rings. Everything is a blur. You haven't slept enough. It's warm in bed but cold outside. All you want to do is hit snooze, roll over, cuddle the pillow and fall back to sleep.

What do you do?

Staying focused on our goals and feeling motivated all the time is a huge challenge. It's one thing to go to a seminar or read a self help book and feel pumped for a few days. It's another thing entirely to integrate this motivation into your daily life, so you get up and achieve what you want to achieve, even on a rainy Monday morning.

There's one simple mental shift that can help you switch exhaustion into energy, and stay pumped and motivated pretty much no matter what.

Here's How it Works:

When most people wake up in the morning and hear their alarm, they are focusing on things that are not very empowering, such as:

->How annoying the alarm sounds
->How warm and cosy it is in bed
->How much frustrating work they have to do that day
->The chores that they didn't do yesterday

All this adds up to a huge weight of negativity trying to crush you back into bed on a weekday morning. Sound familiar? Well there is a simple solution but it takes practice to really get it right.

It's all about forming a brand new habit.

This requires you to be clear not only of your goals - what you want to achieve - but also why you want to achieve them. Some people call this your vision or your purpose.

For example, let's say that like a lot of people your goal is to get rich. Say you set yourself the goal of making $100,000 a year by the time you're 40.

That's a goal, sure, but it's not a vision, it's not a statement of your mission.

Once you have your goal, ask yourself this question:

"When you have that goal, what will it give you?"

Making a $100,000 a year could give you

-> Peace of mind because you don't have to worry about paying bills
-> Freedom to travel and see the world
-> Time to spend with your family because you no longer have to work 12 hour days to make ends meet

These motivations are far more powerful than your simple financial goal, and it's these ideas that are the key to staying motivated when your alarm clock rings tomorrow morning.

Next Time You're Feel Stuck

Make yourself think about these inner motivations - these reasons behind your goal.

When your alarm clock rings on a cold day, imagine yourself having already achieved your goals, and focus on the benefits that this will give you.

Using the example above, you could

-> Imagine yourself going to bed that night feeling totally relaxed and falling asleep easily because you have no financial worries to keep you up
->See yourself traveling the world, getting off a plane at your dream destination and standing in some beautiful, exotic country
-> Feel the happiness that achieving the goal will bring your family and loved ones because you'll finally have all the time you need to spend with them

It's not the goal itself but these inner drives that are strong enough to overpower all the reasons to stay in bed, all the reasons to not stay motivated and work constructively towards achieving your goal.

By focusing on these values, these motivations, you tap into the most powerful part of yourself. You'll be working towards achieving what really matters the most to you. The strength you draw from this will be enormous.

But hey, easier said than done, right?

Sure. When you're exhausted after a hard day at work and all you want to do is have a glass of wine and watch TV, it can be hard to focus instead on these inner drives and motivations. Sounds a little abstract, right?

That's why is takes practice. Train yourself so that whenever you feel unmotivated, whenever you feel uninspired, you start thinking about your inner drives and motivations that we discussed earlier in these posts.

It's important to not feel guilty about feeling tired or unmotivated, that's perfectly natural. Instead, use that unmotivated feeling as a simple reminder to switch your focus to these powerful inner drives.

If your goals are motivating enough, if these inner drives are honest and real, then the energy that you can draw from this will be enough to overcome any inertia.

With enough practice, you'll find yourself habitually and automatically thinking about these positive motivations - about your purpose and passion - whenever you started to feel unmotivated.

Like a 'safety catch' in your brain, your mind will learn to feed you this motivating and inspiring energy whenever you need it most.

Here's how it works, in two simple steps:

1: Figure out not only your goals but also the reasons behind these goals. Want to lose weight and get fit? Ask yourself what this will give you. Imagine how life will be once you have achieved this goal. Make it powerful and compelling.

2: Every time you feel unmotivated, make an effort to think about these reasons, these motivations. Imagine life once you have achieved these goals and let yourself be inspired by this compelling, positive picture.

Not only will this bring much more positivity into your life, but it will help you stay focused and achieve your goals by focusing on what matters most to you.

If you found this tip useful, you'll love the full video interview where Shelley Brunksill-Matson explains this tip in more depth, and gives away some great advice for discovering your passion, setting inspiring goals, and taking action to make them real.


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