Your passions are what drive and motivate you.

If you want to set goals that motivate you, and a live a positive and fulfilling life, it's essential that you let yourself be guided by your passions.

The trouble is, many of us don't really know what we are truly passionate about. Even as adults, it's easy to let the distractions of everyday life keep us from discovering what really matters to us.

Shelley Brunskill-Matson is an Exisle author who has written a fantastic book on creating a kick-arse life called "What Are You Waiting For."

This book will be released early next year, but to welcome you to Exisle Empowerment I'd like to share with you a sneak preview, and give you...

... 7 Ways to Identify Your Passions..

[UPDATE - "What Are You Waiting For" is now Live!"]

These questions will help guide your mind to show you what you are really passionate about.

Think carefully about this, because whilst these thinking steps help, it's up to you to discover the answer.

1. Six months to go
If you had only six months to live – what would you do? How would you spend your time?

2. Freedom to choose
If you won $50 million and had complete freedom to choose, how would you spend your time? Identifying what you would be naturally drawn to, if money was not an issue, can be very revealing.

3. Lifelong dream
What have you always wanted to do but been afraid of? Is there something you have always planned to do ‘one day’? What is your ‘one day’ goal? What perhaps previously seemingly unobtainable goal has always excited you?

4. The things that excite you
What activities completely inspire or excite you, light you up or give you the greatest pleasure? List every item that comes to mind. These might include travel, style, art, beauty, nature, adventure, the pursuit of understanding, creating possibilities, ground- breaking thinking, instituting change, making sushi, great wine, trying new things, working with your hands – list whatever it is that excites you.

5. The best of times
Think back to the three best periods of your life. These will be intervals, times or experiences when you felt the highest degree of satisfaction and fulfilment and achieved the best results. What was it about these times that gave you so much happiness and pleasure? What did they have in common? Note the qualities of experience that were present at the time. What is it about yourself that responded so favourably to these three experiences?

6. Looking for lifelong patterns
Search back into memories of your childhood. What did you always want to be? What did you love to do? What kinds of things excited you? What did you dream or fantasise about as a child? Is there something you loved to do back then that you still love to do today?

It is not uncommon for us, as adults, to have difficulty remem- bering much from our childhood. One way of answering these questions is to ask the people you grew up with ... your parents, siblings, friends, etc. You may be surprised by the things they remind you about.

7. Just one wish
Imagine you had a magic wand and could reinvent any part of your life from the beginning. What change would you make? What would you do differently?

Nathan Thomas
Exisle Empowerment Editor

photo credit: Joy via photopin (license)