7 Mindful Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Mindfulness is one of the best antidotes to the pressures and stress of modern life. We've searched the web and found 7 great blogs and blog posts that every mindfulness fan should read. Let's get started:

7 Obstacles to Mindfulness and How to Overcome Them by Henri Junttila

7 Obstacles to Mindfulness and How to Overcome Them

The blog explains how mindfulness allows a person to become conscious about his or her thoughts and attain a sense of inner peace. The author explains that attaining mindfulness is not an easy process, but it is not difficult to achieve it if a person has strong determination. The author further explains that mindfulness is not only practiced during meditation but can be practiced throughout the day by actively performing everyday tasks.

Mindfulness for Creativity: Adapt, Create and Thrive in a Frantic World

Mindfulness for Creativity

This blog helps a person to attain mindfulness through breathing techniques. In addition, you will learn how you can overcome depression, stress and anxiety by practicing breathing meditation. Such technique allows you to adopt convergent thinking and enhances your capabilities to focus deeply on work, problem or idea.

By practicing mindfulness for enhancing creativity, you can effortlessly move between divergent and convergent styles of thinking. By reading this blog, you will know why laying stress on breathing is crucial. In a nutshell, breathing meditation allows to hold attention, when it starts wandering. In addition, developing concentration, results in the development of creative skills.


11 Ways to Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life – by Melli

11 Ways to Bring More Mindfulness Into Your Life


The blogger explains how practicing mindfulness can bring happiness in your life. She has explained some strategies for developing mindfulness, which do not require you to spend money. Just your willingness will be sufficient to attain the peace of mind. Here are these strategies
• Minute meditation technique
• Mindful listening
• Transforming household chores into mindfulness sessions
• Eating with awareness
• Acting slowly
• Performing tasks one by one
• Watching mind
• Taking breaks
• Coming to your sense
• Mindful walking
• Controlling urge

Introducing short meditation schedules between daily tasks can offer relief from stress and anxiety. During this period, you need to focus on your breathing and doing nothing else. When your mind gets flooded with thoughts, simply let them go off and put your attention back to the breath. In this blog, you will learn how active listening can generate mindfulness. During this process, you will discover how quickly you develop kindness towards another person while he or she speaks. It is obvious that when you speak the next time, your audience will listen to you attentively.

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy – by Elisha Goldstein

New Mindfulness Based Online Treatments


Elisha Goldstein P.h.D's blog on the intersection between Mindfulness and Psychotherapy is always interesting and eye opening. As a psychologist with a focus on research and evidence, Elisha is ideally placed contextualize Mindfulness within the broader field of psychology as a whole. If you're a bit sick of 'feel good fluff' and want to understand and benefit from Mindfulness with a more scientific approach, then this is the blog for you.

To Be Willing

To Be Willing


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If you want to grow in life, you need to develop the sense of willingness. By practicing mindfulness techniques, you can develop willingness and enhance the endeavor for experiencing the difficult days of your life. In this blog, you will learn how to develop a sense of open-mindedness.

You will also learn the ways of judging your emotions and take positive actions for gaining full satisfaction. You will also know how mindfulness makes a person more expressive for explaining the painful stages of life. In a nutshell, mindfulness infuses the elements of divinity for experiencing the happy inner space.

The Benefits of Using Data to Bring Mindfulness to Your Work


Nowadays, workplaces are becoming agile in order to beat the competition. Therefore, it is required that you should control your emotions and senses that will help you in putting best efforts in realizing business goals. This blog explains how technological advancements have allowed people to attain mindfulness. You will also learn why developing mindfulness is required at the workplace.

The Seven Step Mindfulness Formula to Be Happy at Work and Enjoy Your Job

Our very own Dr Stephen McKenzie's popular post on how to apply Mindfulness to your job to make it more fun, interesting and rewarding.

Follow these 7 steps to infuse your every task (even the most mundane) with purpose. Your work day will glide by, and you'll find yourself be more productive.

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Featured image credit: follow the sun (license)