13 Inspiring Blog Posts Written By Inspirational Women

Get motivated and inspired by these blog posts written by some of the leading women in self help.

If you need an emotional pick me up, a bit of motivation to finish that new project, or just want some ideas to improve your life and be more happy, then you're bound to find what you're looking for in this list below.

We've included blog posts from Exisle Empowerment, and scoured the web to find articles on both well known self help blogs that you probably follow, and lesser known but equally interested blogs that we'd like to bring your attention to.


Stop Looking for Signs and Trust Yourself – by Leslie Jordan Clary

In this blog, the author says that you should not blindly rely on signs. Incidents happen because they are scheduled as a part of a normal cause. She further narrates a story, where she visited a Buddhist monastery for practicing meditation. At the end of the session, the monk handed over a symbolic kesa to the author. While returning home, a snowstorm hit the way and she was forced to take a halt in a gas station. Unfortunately, she lost the kesa and became sad. However, she admitted that she would have mediated hard for attaining peace. Whenever, you face the untoward situation, you should analyze the situation with a rational approach and overcome the same for attaining success.

Stop Looking for Signs and Trust Yourself


How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Getting Things Done by Lilian Wissink

How to Stop Procrastinating

This blog is a follow-up to a very popular article on “how to overcome the inner critic” by experienced psychologist Lilian Wissink. If you've been wanting to write, draw, paint or express yourself creatively, but keep putting it off, this post will help you overcome your obstacles and start making things happen.

The Four Things You Need to Stop Doing to Own Your Life and Achieve Your Goals by Shelley Brunskill-Matson

Achieve Your Goals by Shelley Brunskill-Matson

The author of this blog Shelley Brunskill-Matson is a mother of four, dancer and a life coach. She highlights a few truths to make your goals a reality and take responsibility. Stop to complaining, making excuses, blaming others and stop caring what other think. The blog makes and interesting and motivating read and has enjoyed a large number of shares on social media.

In Pursuit of Happiness

This blog explains how to become happy by becoming self-reliant. Of course, it is the right of every person to attain happiness. The author explains that a person should not take anything for granted. One should analyze the reason behind a cause. After reading this blog, you will know the importance of volunteerism and how it can help others to improve their lives. Here, you will learn how advocacy eliminates odds of life and prepare a person to become happy by serving others.

In Pursuit of Happiness

Do You Celebrate Your Abundance Each Day? – by Zeenat Merchant Syal

Most of the time, we think about things that we do not possess. This practice makes us break often. We lose the endeavor to improve our lives and end up in turmoil. The author says that you should never lose hope. Whatever, you have currently, you should be grateful to those resources. This will offer you a sense of abundance. The best way of remain happy is to celebrate abundance. You can celebrate every moment of your life by noting things around you. If you are confused at where to start, think of the following things:
• Two eyes for viewing
• A bed for sleeping
• Having a place for staying
• Computer for performing various activities

Therefore, you have to share happiness with your friends and family members. You will become happier.

Do You Celebrate Your Abundance

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement in 8 Steps – by Barrie Davenport

This blog guides you how you can write a personal mission statement of your life so that it can define the purpose and serve as a foundation for your life goals. A personal mission statement also allows you to identify the underlying reasons for behaviors and choices and what aptly motivates you in making a change. Here, you will learn about these following steps for writing a personal mission statement of your life.
• Examining the lives of others
• Determining your ideal self
• Considering your legacy
• Determining a purpose
• Clarifying your aptitudes
• Defining specific goals
• Crafting your mission statement
• Refining your mission statement

You need to review your personal mission statement on a regular basis and make updates as long as you ponder your goals and values.

How to Write a Personal Mission Statement in 8 Steps


A Mantra for Love – by Sandi Amorim

You definitely love to abide by a sacred saying because that changes the way of your life. This blog emphasizes on a concept known as “zero judgment”. It means that you should stop judging others and focus on yourself. If you continue judging others, you will be stuck in the world of innocence. The practice of “zero judgment” will allow feel the importance of self-love. It is a kind of consciousness that helps you to make fair decisions in life.

A Mantra for Love

On Quitting My Job and Freedom – by Cara Stein

You work for money to earn a livelihood. However, situations arise, where you do not find comfortable enough to handle crises. You think that quitting your current job will allow to cope up with monotony and other related factors. Therefore, you decide to start your own business. Initially, the experience will not be smooth, as your brand is not well known to the market. You have to work hard to make your business stand by sacrificing whims. This blog will help you in following ways.
• The ways of overcoming helplessness state
• How to make yourself free if you get stuck in a complicated situation
• How to overcome confusion and faulty assumptions
• Ways of developing self-belief
• Ways of getting started
• Ways of keeping track of your progress

On Quitting My Job and Freedom


Making Time for Joy – by Grace Boyle

Most often, you become lost in your old thoughts. This gives you immense pleasure. At some point of time, you have to make tough decisions, especially, when you focus on your career. When you are serious about your career, you will find that you will not get enough time to speak to your friends or pursue your favorite past time. However, you can fill yourself with joy by watching others’ activities. You can also keep yourself happy by going for a mild walk, fishing, spends time with your family, etc during the weekend.

Making Time for Joy

Time Is Not the Most Important Thing We Have

Midlife Crisis Queen: Because when you’ve got purpose, everything becomes possible- by Laura Lee

Update: Check Out Laura's new blog: Adventures of the New Old Farts

The author has written many blogs on the various issues of mid-life crisis that women often face. These blogs are inspirational as they help one to find the real purpose in life. Once you identify the purpose of your life, you can make everything possible.

Midlife Crisis Queen


Did the Man in the Wheelchair Need Help? I Was Too Wimpy to Ask – by Alisha

Do you know that your bravery can fetch you love? This blog explains the intersection of love and bravery. If you have been taught about the bravery deeds of great people during your schooling days, without hesitation, you should try to implement them, when you face a real life situation. By helping others, you are sharing as well as drawing happiness the same time.

Did the Man in the Wheelchair Need Help


What Would You Do If You Weren’t You? – by Tiffany Han

Most of us cannot walk away from the stereotype setups of the society. If you are given an opportunity to establish your presence, will you accept or reject the offer? First, you have to come out of this mind setup that you cannot create something new. Creating something new and passing on those benefits to the society will definitely reward you.

What Would Do If You Weren’t You


12 Enlightening Ways to Find Peace in Any Moment – by Gail Brenner

Most of the time, our attention is locked into painful thoughts. This blog will explain how you should monitor your sufferings and the ways of averting the same in order to remain happy and focused. You become depressed at what would happen to you ad your family in future. Therefore, your mind is filled with negativity. Learn how to attain peace
• Living in present
• Performing breathing exercises
• Shifting attention away from engaging with content of thoughts
• Becoming self-aware
• Spending some time in quiet environment and many more

12 Enlightening Ways to Find Peace in Any Moment
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