11 Blog Posts to Help You Get More Done With Less Stress in 2016

photo credit: Red sky via photopin (license)

photo credit: Red sky via photopin (license)

What are your New Years resolutions for 2016?

Chances are, if you're like most people, it involves a lot of new things to do and to achieve.

This is great, and it's a fantastic time to get motivated and focus on your goals.

Whilst you're doing this, however, it's also important to remember not to get stressed.

To help you out we've searched the internet for the best articles on how to help you get more done without the stress, so you can achieve your goals this year without feeling the pressure.

Here's the list: 

Get More Done with (a Lot) Less Stress: 13 Simple and Daily Work Habits – by Henrik Edberg


This blog explains the importance of planning before you start your day. According to the author, you should arrange your office bag, clothes and other accessories before you retire to bed. Once you are in at your office, refrain from checking personal emails and carrying out social media activities. You have to divide tasks in the time frame so that the execution does not become intimidating. When you need help, approach your colleagues. By doing so, you can complete the task within specified time. Last but not the least, take out some time for workouts and follow healthy dietary habits to stay energized.

10 Ways to Get More Done with Less Stress – by Stephanie

10 Ways to Get More Done with Less Stress


The author explains ten ways of shedding stress and enhancing the productivity. These suggestions allow you to plan your work efficiently without going for postponement. The first step of raising productivity level is to organize your workstation before you start to work. In order to relieve stress, the author advices to listen to soothing music to become calm and composed. This strategy allows a person to develop mindfulness that brings positive outcomes in a short time. While reading this blog, you will also learn how to simplify travel for saving energy and the ways of rejuvenating yourself during weekends.

10 Ways to Get More Done (and Stress Less) – Vana Chupp


When you handle a project, you think that you can perform all the tasks by yourself. However, you will find that some tasks become repetitive and consume much of your valuable time. In this blog, you will learn how you can automate repetitive tasks and focus more on crucial tasks. For, attaining the best outcome, you need to prioritize your work schedule. The author advices not to strain yourself by working for extended hours. For realizing your goals, you should keep track on your progress.

Get More Done With Less Stress – by Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

You start your day by promising yourself that today you will put your best efforts. However, when you resume your work, you find that you have to perform many tasks. You develop a feeling, which is stressful and as a result, you fail to achieve your target. This blog explains how easily you can overcome stress and become more functional. The author explains how you can implement Zen Productive Method in your work life. According to this method, you can perform one task at a time. When you are assigned a job, think that it is the only task in the universe you have to perform. By thinking so, you can enjoy performing the task and this will raise your productivity.

5 Tips To Get More Done With Less Stress – by Dr. Christine Carter


How stress accumulates? It is through repetitive, anxious thoughts that preoccupy your mind. This blog will help you to shed stress and become productive in five different ways.
• Building positivity
• Keeping mind cool
• Avoid multi-tasking habit
• Practicing discontinuous productivity
• Taking out time for sharing happiness
The author says that you should do something that will make you inspired or grateful. Such practice will restore your energy and raise your performance level. You need to take small breaks between high output works in order to become efficient.

How to Get More Done with Less Stress – by Sarita Maybin


This blog explains how to deal with real life challenges and attain maximum output by shedding stress. While going through this blog, you will learn the ways of identifying urgent tasks and their accomplishments. The author also explains the value of time and how you can utilize it for realizing your set goals. The blog also explains the reasons for wasting time and how these drawbacks could be rectified and prevent issues of procrastination. The article presents fifty clues on stress overload and suggests strategies for eliminating real life stress.

How to Reduce Stress by Doing Less and Doing it Slowly – by Toni Bernhard


This blog explains how you can reduce stress by performing tasks at slow pace. The author has laid stress on four points for overcoming stress.
• Doubling time of completing a task
• Performing tasks in slow motion consciously
• Stimulating parasympathetic nervous system
• Avoiding multitasking activities
The author explains that the involuntary nervous system controls bodily systems. A person becomes highly alert when sympathetic nervous system arouses. When parasympathetic nervous system arouses, the person feels relaxed. This blog suggests few ways of activating the parasympathetic nervous system like slowing down breathing rate, imagining that you are staying in a calm environment, touching lips with one or two fingers, etc.

Time Management: Get More Done With Less Stress by Taking Control of Your Time


This blog makes you aware about time management and how this strategy can improve your productivity. The author explains that despite having relevant experience, a person cannot perform well if he or she fails to manage time and this kind of drawback leads to stress, anxiety and frustration. You will learn how to prioritize tasks with Pareto’s 20/80 principle. This rule will help you to identify important tasks smartly that yield high outcomes. In addition, you will learn how you can measure your progress by applying the Total Quality Management technique.

Get More Done with Less Stress – by Nance Guilmartin


This blog suggests that a person should not take a compulsive approach for performing tasks. Else, stress will dominate throughout the day and will hamper the productivity. The author advices people to prepare themselves for facing any situation every day. While going through the blog, you will learn the importance of the feeling, which highlights that you are the best person to handle tough situations. Lastly, you will know how by appreciating yourself you can feel relaxed after your day’s work.

6 Steps To Stress Less And Be Hyper-Productive – by Reinhardt Gallowitz


This blog suggests how you can emerge as a winner by performing your tasks in a particular day. The blog is helpful for those people, who are into the habit of multi-tasking. The author explains that multi-tasking leads to stress formation and makes a person suffer from distractions. You will learn the ways of scheduling tasks as per their importance and allotting time for completion. The author lays stress on setting daily goals that are achievable, which in turn lead to mental satisfaction.

The Magic Fix to Get More Done and Feel Less Stress – by Leighton


Many of us fall in the habit of multi-tasking. At the end of the day, we do not feel good about ourselves because we have not delivered the desired results. The only reason is that our brains are stressed. In this blog, the author has explained two methods namely the Pomodoro technique and the post-it note system, which reduce stress and raise productivity at work.

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